5 IoT Security Best Practices

Internet and computer security has become an everyday thing. And when it relates to business it gets real serious. IoT security should also be taken seriously. Most IoT that is setup correct doesn’t typically pose any sort of security risk. Especially when a proper company sets up something for the industrial internet of things. But just to be safe here are 5 best practices for 5 IoT security.

  1. Keep Passwords Strong
    One of the easiest ways to hack into something is to guess an easy password. In fact some hacking software is setup to do just that. Keep guessing passwords until it finds one that works. So passwords like “password” or “admin123” are horrible as they are so easily guessed. A better standard or practice is to use a password generator that create a very strong 16 digit password.
  2. Be Proactive
    Don’t wait until you’re hacked in order to harden up you’re security. Make sure to take advantage of encryption that are available. As well as software and functions that can help prevent, stop and monitor for any security problems. Store data obfuscated is also another good way to prevent a hacker from doing anything with your data in the event they go a hold of it.
  3. Do Regular Audits
    Regularly auditing your system for security flaws and holes is key to keeping and maintaining a properly secured system. Audit your IoT infrastructure thoroughly and regularly. Without knowing if something is a problem you won’t be able to fix it.
  4. Have A Plan
    Don’t just wait for something to happen and then react to it. Make sure you have a plan that can be done in the event of any issue that could come up. For example if hackers decide to attack your system with a DOS attack you should have some sort of plan in place that you can quickly implement to handle any danger.
  5. Carefully Vet Access
    Don’t just let anyone access your system. Make sure you’re acutely aware of who it is who is get granted access to your system. I would even suggest having a protocol for what types of people should be allowed authorization of what access in your system.



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